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Cat's Claw Fasteners - Softwoods
Cat's Claw Fasteners
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Cat’s Claw Fasteners Fence Fastening System For Softwoods (Replaces Fence Staples)

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Replaces the common fencing staple. 4 x faster Install!

2" Version designed for use with softwoods including Cedar, Pine and Spruce.

Using a hardwood such as Oak , Hedge or Hickory? Buy the Hardwood version here!

The Cat’s Claw Fastener fence fastening system was designed to give ranchers, farmers, contractors, and other landowners a reliable improvement upon traditional fence staples. A Cat’s Claw Fastener serves as an exceptional replacement for your standard barbed wire clips, fencing u-nails, and other commonly used fasteners for welded wire fence and cattle panels. Our fasteners are easier to install, they have more holding power, and are easy to re-use.


  • 14 gauge steel Claw
  • Toothed claw never slides
  • 170 fasteners per tub
  • Holds wire tight, even on older posts
  • Rust inhibiting coating on the claw
  • #10, 2″ long self-starting screw
  • ¼” Hex head screw is a #10, 2″ self-starting screw
  • ¼” Hex head is included with each box


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