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#8×1⅝" 304 grade stainless steel screws - 350 QTY
#8 × 1⅝" 304 Grade Stainless Steel Wood Screws
#8 × 1⅝" 304 Grade Stainless Steel Wood Screws
Star (TORX) drive stainless steel screws
Stainless Steel Screws - Made in Taiwan
T25 point tip
Top quality Stainless steel screws

#8 × 1⅝" 304 Grade Stainless Steel Wood Screws

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18-8 (304) grade Eagle Claw stainless steel deck screws for general construction and woodwork 

★General purpose woodscrews suitable for decking, fencing and all outdoor, coastal and wet area applications.   
★High corrosion resistance prevents rusting and ugly stains on your beautiful timber projects.   
★Star drive (TORX) head prevents cam-out, preserving the screw and prolonging driver life.   
★Stainless steel screws can be safely used in all hardwoods and softwoods, including redwood, cedar and pressure Treated timber.  
★For best results, we recommend pre-drilling in all applications, especially in dense timber and hardwoods. When driving, use correct torque settings so as not to overtighten the screws. 

Available in the following sizes, in 100, 350 and 1750 Packs:   
#8 × 1⅝"
#10 × 2"  
#10 × 2½"  
#10 × 3"  
#10 × 3½
#12 × 4" 

Designed in close collaboration with carpenters in the field, these top quality screws are manufactured according to our specifications by our supplier in Taiwan.   

✔️Eagle Claw fasteners and tools: Quality you can trust

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